All business and industries had to start somewhere, and our story is no different.

October 2007:  Faced with the situation of being unemployed, I had to make one of the most important decisions in my life.


Am I going to apply for another position at one of the major insurance companies or am I going to take the Road Less Travelled and follow my dream by starting my own business?  As the familiar saying goes:  I took the Road Less Travelled and that made ALL the difference.


This was an immensely daunting prospect.  I was after all, a single mother, breadwinner and had NO support to cover monthly expenses.

If it was to be, it was up to me!

What I had was: 

  • Determination to make this work,
  • Experience of Third-Party Recoveries (I started an extremely successful department at the previous company) and
  • The dream to build a better future for myself and my children.

My initial target was simply to obtain enough clients which would allow me to support myself and my children.  But as this changed and I had to employ more staff, my focus changed somewhat.  Coming from a history of working in a male dominated management system (only women my age will probably know what I’m referring to) my dream changed to giving women an opportunity to experience the same.  For the first couple of years, Excel Recovery Services only employed women.  Even if they had no experience – I trained them.

Today Excel Recovery Services has a staff component of 23 (and still growing) of which the majority is still women.  My focus has yet again changed.  Although doing Third-Party recoveries will always be my passion, growing and developing people is my first love.  To see somebody who did not believe in themselves, grow into a confident efficient person, makes all the challenges worthwhile.

Over the last 13 years I’ve met the most amazing people, got presented with mind boggling opportunities and I have grown into a businesswoman.

I often wonder if I would have taken this road, had I known of all the sleepless nights, learning and challenges I had to face over the last 13 years. 

Alma Darliongton, CEO of Excel Recovery Services.

Alma Darlington
Excel Recovery Services

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