Our theme for 2023 is:  From Surviving to Thriving.   Everybody’s perception of what it means to survive and/or to thrive differs.  Surviving can mean having to move your child from a private school to a public school to address your financial concerns and for another person taking your child out of school because you […]

LIFE IS SO DIFFICULT – IS IT? We’ve got SO many things to be negative and worried about in South Africa.  We see the neglect and failure around us daily. But my word, do we have AMAZING people in this country!  I believe our sense of humour is some of the best in the world,

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We all need to keep several balls in the air: Work Family life Personal health & fitness Further studies Children activities Being an engaged partner (either in a relationship or business – OR BOTH!) How do you know that you’ve lost that balance? You stop taking care of your body Your mental health is going

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To be physically active does not mean that you have to join a gym and turn into a gym bunny.  If this is what you do and enjoy – go for it! Alternatively, you can find activities which you like doing, that fit into your daily routine and budget.  Just as balancing your life is

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Are you doing the following to look after your physical health? Do you eat foods that you enjoy, stay hydrated through the day, and listen to your hunger cues? Are you able to keep a consistent sleep schedule and get 7 hours of sleep per night? Do you move your body daily? Are you practising

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As mentioned in my May Micro-Blog, wealth means nothing if your physical well-being or health has been compromised.  To stay physically healthy, should be a priority in everybody’s life. Focus on your physical health like it is the start of a new year I believe you should have the following 3 “hobbies” in your life

Physical Wellness – At ERS we make “Wellness” in all its forms a priority.Read More »