Believe in the person you want to become

…. and then you start to act that – BECOME the person you want to be.

To be and maintain this, you need to establish and have clarity on what your values in life are.  And then you need to live your values – EVERY DAY.

You need to know yourself intimately – both your strengths and weaknesses.

To try and be something or someone which requires an ability that is not one of your strengths, will result in you always conflicting with yourself. 

You are trying to be something that does not come naturally to you. 

 Every person has both strengths and weaknesses.  Focus on your strengths and accommodate your weaknesses. 

Once you’ve established what your core values are in life, live according to it by simply saying “NO” to anything which does not align with it.  Surround yourself with people with more or less the same value system. 

 You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Make sure that these people contribute to your growth and not your decline.

To work for a company whose value system is in line with yours makes it so much easier to be a happy and fulfilled employee.

At ERS our core values are as follows:

Leadership – The courage to shape a better future for all.

Passion – Bringing head, heart, and mind to work.

Accountability – If it is to be, it’s up to me.

Commitment – To take ownership of your work-life balance and to work with integrity – being real.

Quality – What we do, we do exceptionally well.

Balance – Work hard, play hard.

These values are ingrained in what we do and how we do it, every day. This must, however, be bigger than only our personal and professional lives. We must contribute towards the well-being of our beloved country, South Africa.

During March in which we have celebrated Human Rights Day, more than ever must we work towards cohesion amongst all our fellow South Africans. We need to be Leaders who start with self-mastery.  Only once you’ve mastered yourself, can you be of service to others.  We must be obsessed to develop our staff.

All private business owners are creating jobs. But we must not stop there. We need to grow and develop people as well. And we must be ethical leaders. We must realize that our strength is in our diversity. Everybody brings something else and unique to the table.  Celebrate that.  We must all work together to build our nation.

Be your same self – always!  Have the courage of your convictions – because it comes from your value system according to which you live every day.

Let us create shared values – the spirit of Ubuntu.

Alma Darliongton, CEO of Excel Recovery Services.

Alma Darlington
Excel Recovery Services

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