ERS Wellness Journey 2022

Studies show that staff will leave a company where they are paid well if the company culture and values do not align with their own.

At ERS we cannot compete with the big insurers and other role players when it comes to remuneration, but we are very serious about our culture and values.

A huge part of our culture is BALANCE.  And part of keeping balance in the workplace is to care about the well-being of employees.  At ERS we are a family.  We cannot always solve the problem or issues our employees face,  but are always there to support and advise where we can.

At ERS we divide our Wellness@ERS program by incorporating the following:

  • Finance – ERS works hard to create more job opportunities. Only by earning an income and gaining experience, can your financial position in life improve.
  • Compassion – to have compassion is to try and understand the position or situation of another person or situation. In our beautiful country, we have many complex situations.  Without compassion, no lasting solutions can be implemented for the benefit of all.
  • Wellness – More specifically looking after yourself holistically. This refers to how you spend your time and look after your health and wealth.

My outlook is to have 3 hobbies:

One to make you money(another way to look at your job?)

One to keep you fit and healthy; and

One to stimulate your creativity.

  • Passion – be passionate about   Not all of us love our jobs, but surely there must be some aspects of your work, which you are passionate about.  If not, you are killing your soul.  Find something to get up for in the morning.  Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective on life.
  • Fun – at ERS we believe in WORK HARD, PLAY HARD! It is important to actively create fun moments in your life.  It can be as simple as a walk with your dog or blowing bubbles!
  • Physical – This does not only refer to working on your body but also your mind. The truth is:  You are either going to look after your health or your sickness. 

Choose wisely!

  • Mental & emotional health – if any of these are out of balance, attend to it by addressing the issue with the assistance of a trusted friend, family member or professional person.
  • Pay it forward – get into the habit to make life a bit easier for someone else, whenever you can. My motto is:  Lift as you rise.  Spread positive energy wherever you go.

We’ve embarked on this journey in 2022.  This is now ingrained in our ERS culture.  We experience the result every day.

Why don’t you make it part of yours too? 

Written by Alma Darlington