My Work – My Passion (part 2)

How many people simply do what’s expected from them but do not get any joy from doing so, simply doing it as a way to a means?

The official unemployment rate in South Africa stands at 35.3%. I believe it’s closer to around 50%.

It is horrendous to realise that about half of the population in South Africa cannot obtain work and earn an honest income.

Unemployment amongst the youth amounts to 66.5%. I cannot imagine being a youngster in this country. knowing that the odds are against you in getting a job. What a hopeless situation!

Another aspect adding to unemployment is the quality of education. Some people are simply unemployed, due to poor education.

So where does this leave many people? Doing a job they simply hate but at least creates an income.

So can your work be your passion? I believe it can. It might not be your dream job, but there will be aspects which you do love and enjoy.

Make this your focus. This might lead to your passion!

Written by:

 Alma Darlington (CEO)