Physical Wellness – At ERS we make “Wellness” in all its forms a priority. (Part 3)

To be physically active does not mean that you have to join a gym and turn into a gym bunny.  If this is what you do and enjoy – go for it!

Alternatively, you can find activities which you like doing, that fit into your daily routine and budget. 

Just as balancing your life is important, ensuring that you get enough of the “right” type of exercise done, is also important.  This should include building stamina, maintaining your muscle mass and doing something to calm your mind

For me, the following combinations during a period of a week work well, both because I enjoy it and it does not cost me a fortune.

  • I maintain a routine of some home-based exercises to build strength. This includes some push-ups, planks, lunges etc.
  • Hiking with my dogs in nature, which is both stamina building but also a good stress release.
  • Yoga classes. Good for keeping your body agile and also a great stress reliever.

The older we get, the more important it becomes to look after your bone density and maintenance of your muscles.  This adds to the quality of your life, as it allows you to live mostly pain-free and enable you to manage the daily demands on your body.


Written by Alma Darlington