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Our Services

Third Party Recoveries

This entails the recovery of money from the party who caused the damage to a client’s vehicle or property. If the client was insured, the excess can be refunded by his insurance company if we have been successful in recovering their loss from the guilty party.

If there is a need to litigate to be successful, ERS will manage this process as well. ERS is however successful in 95% of cases without having to take legal action.

Third Party Liabilities

This entails the negotiation of moneys due to a third party after an insured/driver caused damage to property.

Negotiation will be done using the appropriate law and apportionment will be applied according to general accepted industry practice.  A loss adjuster will be appointed, if the damage is extensive or if the need arises to establish a fair amount to be offered as settlement.

Additional Services

Producing regular reports for clients

Especially for Heavy Commercial Vehicle Companies, the ERS solution can be much more cost effective. If the client already has insurance, their excess payments are often very high. ERS can assist them to recover the damage that falls within their excess payments.

Collision Reconstruction. ERS contracts the services of reconstruction specialists to reconstruct an accident scene and/or incident to prove merit.

Risk Management

Clients can negotiate a package deal for ERS to manage a complete risk portfolio for them by combining all our products and services, covering the whole risk spectrum of the client.