Wellness begins with the most important 6 inches!

At Excel Recovery Services our focus for 2022 is Wellness at Work. This starts with personal wellness.  Being “well” means something different for each person and will change as the current situation in your life changes.  But wellness (for me) encompasses the following:

  • Time
  • Health
  • Wealth

If you can find a balance between these aspects, you will create a wellness culture in your life.

I believe you should have the following 3 “hobbies” in your life to find balance:

  1. A hobby that will make you money
  2. A hobby that will keep you healthy and in shape
  3. A hobby where you are creative
Ask yourself:" What is it that I love to do?"


When we’re young, we have time on our side and usually health as well.  But not necessarily wealth.  During these years you have the opportunity to “play” around a bit to find a way to create your wealth.  Using this time to cultivate a lifestyle in which you look after your health, will greatly contribute to your wellness in later years.  In later years, how you spend your time, will greatly contribute to your state of wellness.  A lot of your time will most probably be spent with people.  A great part of your wellness depends on how happy you are.  This has an impact on the people you interact with.


If you don’t make time to look after your health, you will be forced to do so, by a deterioration in your health.  And suddenly, this will become the most important aspect of your life, more so than any wealth or time can be.  Health does not only refer to your body but greatly to your mind as well.  You live in your head, make sure that it’s a nice place to be!



For some people, wealth refers to possessions.  For others, it’s about a lifestyle or the way your life impacts others.  It may refer to having peace of mind financially or to a lifestyle with freedom, which cannot be bought with any money. 

Be it as it may, wellness is keeping all of the above in balance, always considering how you impact those around you.  What is the space you create with your words and actions?  Do you create a space of “wellness” for yourself and others?

Click on the smile for a great song!
You are in charge of your own mind!

So where is this 6 inches I referred to?  Between your ears!  By creating the mindset and thought process, you can create a life of wellness, despite time, health or wealth.  This brings me to my last “hobby” – to be creative. 

Written by Alma Darlington