Big enough to count, small enough to care

Prompt real-time feedback

Clients remain in control of the process

Becomes part of your back office without becoming part of your payroll

Continuous inflow of funds into your claims account

Turn negative impacts into positive outcomes

Welcome to ERS

ERS – Excel Recovery Services, your boutique specialist
insurance claims recovery and liability outsource outfit.

Since its inception in 2007, ERS created a brand of excellence,
efficiency and cost effective delivery to ERS’s clients; from Insurers
to Underwriters, Brokers and Self-Insured or partially Self-Insured, Fleet and Fund Managers.

A brand associated with industry leading recovery success ratios and
transparent and prompt real-time feedback through client access to
ERS’s cloud based feedback system.

A brand that is big enough to count but small enough to care, a brand
that becomes part of your back office but not part of your payroll.

Discover how the fact that we work only on success fees, can positively
enhance your loss ratios.

Take us for a test drive and experience how you can save through
our legal cost solution, developed by our in-house legal department and
our ever expanding panel of attorneys and lawyers.

Contact ERS today, it might be the best
bottom line decision you ever made!

General Benefits

Making use of ERS’ services hold many direct and indirect benefits for clients:
  • A substantial saving in time and overhead costs.
  • ERS advises clients from their own extensive experience when to litigate, and when not.
  • Substantial saving on legal costs – you only pay when we are successful!
  • Peace of mind, knowing that specialists are handling important functions and actions.
  • Clients keep control of every process – but without being responsible for its execution.
  • Clients have 24/7 access to follow the progress on claims, through our state-of-the-art feedback system. They can also generate reports via the internet – a FREE service offered by ERS.
  • Loss ratio improves, and continuous fund flow is generated.
  • Better service to your clients (especially for Insurers, Underwriters, and Brokers).
  • An improvement in your recoveries and a supply of monthly statistics.


Our fees are fully negotiable.

NB: We only earn commission on matters successfully finalised.