From Surviving to Thriving – 2023

Our theme for 2023 is:  From Surviving to Thriving.


Everybody’s perception of what it means to survive and/or to thrive differs.  Surviving can mean having to move your child from a private school to a public school to address your financial concerns and for another person taking your child out of school because you cannot afford transportation.

Thriving can mean for one person, having the means to feed your family every day and for another person being able to go on several overseas holidays every year.


From the above examples, I believe the “concept” is very much a perception from person to person.

At ERS we work very hard to ensure that we address issues wherever we can, to ensure that our staff thrive.  We can create a pleasant work environment and remuneration structure, but ultimately the “concept” lives in everybody’s mind and view on life.

I believe that this starts with your mindset and looking after yourself and your needs.  You are, after all, of no value to anybody else, if you are not in a good space.

Live within your means and then, create your BEST life within your means.

Your energy goes where your mind goes.  Ensure that it is focused on well-being,  growth and prosperity. 


And then, do what it takes to create that life you want to live. 


Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  So if you are not prepared to put in the work and effort, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out according to your plan.


The bottom line for me always is:  To be grateful for what you have already.

Written by:

Alma Darlington