Pay It Forward


We’ve got SO many things to be negative and worried about in South Africa.  We see the neglect and failure around us daily.

But my word, do we have AMAZING people in this country!  I believe our sense of humour is some of the best in the world, maybe because it’s a coping tool, but it does make South Africa an amazing place to stay!

You need to be a true South African to appreciate the Nando’s and The Courier Guy adverts.   If you’ve missed this, just google to have a good laugh.

If you need something to cheer you up regularly, subscribe to  Just a collection of feel-good stories every week.  Supplied by the people of South Africa.  These are to be found all around us if we are prepared to look for them.

And this is where I believe our saving grace is and always will be – in the power of the normal people on the street.  People who want a normal, safe environment where they can work, send their children to school, have clean drinking water and have the opportunity to interact with fellow South Africans.

One such person is Barend le Grange.  Not only is Barend an avid traveller in Africa (using mainly local means of transport), but also working hard on local initiatives to make South Africa a better place by getting actively involved in building up local towns and townships, which have fallen into despair due to bad governance.  Somebody who goes out of his way to understand the dynamics of our beautiful country and continent.  Barend is but one such person.  South Africa has many of those!  Why don’t you become one if you are not already?

There are SO many examples of people in our country doing good for no other reason, but paying it forward and because they want to and can.

You may never know what a small act of kindness might mean to the person you have shown it to.  You need no reason to do good, other than that it is within your power to do so and to use the opportunity at the moment to act upon it. 

In South Africa, more now than ever, we need to cultivate the “pay it forward” culture. 

LIVE it!

DO it!

Make it part of your day-to-day living.

It is always your choice whether you spread negative or positive energy.  The outcome, however, is not nearly the same!

Written by Alma Darlington (CEO)